“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you found out why.”

Mark Twain


Many Stark County residents first became familiar with Larry Hackenberg on his popular Saturday Time Machine shows on 1480 WHBC-AM. Sports Time Machine and Time Machine-“The Stark County Story” are both labors of love from a man who grew up in Stark County and became a well-known basketball coach and business professional. Telling stories of home is what he was born to do.

Through these two radio shows Larry helps his Stark County neighbors discover why Stark County is such a magical place, filled with beauty, drama, memorable characters and interesting stories.

At the heart of both programs is Larry’s reverence for people who made a significant difference in other people’s lives. He doesn’t just talk about them. He tells their stories in a captivating style perfected over years as a coach, mentor, advisor and radio host. He has been many things over a long life, but perhaps Larry Hackenberg’s greatest contribution — the reason he was born —is to tell our stories and help us understand where we come from and why we’re here.